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The Islamic Laws of Animal SlaughterThe Islamic Laws of Animal Slaughter

By Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani. Translated by Amir A. Toft.

There is a growing sense of concern today among consumers, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, about the healthfulness of what they eat. Health food stores have gained a prominent status in the US, and many consumers review every last ingredient listed in a food item’s nutritional facts list to ensure that they meet their dietary standards. Muslims must be even more conscientious of what they consume, as a Muslim’s diet must, above all, be lawful (halal) under Islamic law, as well as wholesome (tayyib). The Qur’an states, "O people, eat from whatever is upon the earth that is lawful and wholesome" (2:168).

Of all types of food, one that has become the cause of controversy among Muslims the world over is slaughtered meat. Muslim sources without the guidance of scholars have spread inaccurate information about Islam’s rules and regulations for animal slaughter, leaving Muslims confused about the facts. Authored by a Muslim scholar recognized worldwide for his mastery of Islamic jurisprudence, The Islamic Laws of Animal Slaughter clears up the confusion. The author presents a brief, structured analysis of Islam’s laws for animal slaughter, as well an overview of their practical application in the modern world. A couple of articles, appended specially for this translation, round off the discussion by addressing matters particularly relevant to Muslims in the US and other Western nations.


Masha Allah ... an enlightening book explaining the laws around Halal meat. A real eye-opener ... highly recommended for both people living in the West as well as in countries that import their meat from Western countries, with practical suggestions for both categories.

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Al-Dhabh: Slaying Animals The Islamic Way

Al-Dhabh: Slaying Animals The Islamic Way

By Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.

The promotion of healthy and correct patterns of food consumption is very much part of the Islamic way of life. It is the main purpose of this book to show that patterns of food consumption are achieved through precise Islamic dietary laws which specify what can and cannot be eaten. It is shown how these laws encourage a strong attachment to, and a respect for, the sanctity of life and an abhorrence to cruelty to animals.

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Benefits of religious slaughter

Benefits of religious slaughter without stunning for animals and humans

By Mrs. Hanen REZGUI, Engineer in Technology, member ASIDCOM
Mr. Bernard DI SPIGNO
, Veterinary Technician, DPU of the National School of Veterinary Medicine of Toulouse, President of the ASIDCOM Association.

Today, a great number of scientific studies and observations in the field (i.e., at slaughterhouses) show that in no case can electronarcosis be beneficial to either humans or animals. Moreover, the research shows that religious slaughter by direct bleeding is the most beneficial method for animal welfare, the quality of meat, and environmental safety, as well as people’s health.

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