Non-Halal Meat served as Halal

Non-Halal Meat served as Halal

By on 15 Sep, 2011

Assalam o Alaikum,

I was surprised and angry to see the definition of "Moslem" meal by Lufthansa. It says the following:

Muslim Meal: No use of pork, no venison and no alcohol used. The meat is not "halal".

The definition can be found at:

In contrast, Kosher meal is defined as:

Kosher Meal: Strictly kosher food prepared under the supervision of a rabbinate

I urge you to please contact Lufthansa and lodge a protest demanding either removal of offering as "Moslem" meal or adhering to Halal guidelines for muslims. I find this naming of meal as deceiving and misleading for most muslim travellers. Very few would even think that the Moslem meal uses non-Halal meat.

Also, please forward this email to relevant authorities (Muslim organizations, mosques etc.) in your area.


Take Action:

Please write a letter to IATA's CEO to change the on-flight food code from Muslim Meal (MOML) to Halal    Meal (HLML).

See letter sent by

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