Certified Organic Kosher Free Range meat and poultry

Certified Organic Kosher Free Range meat and poultry

By Leon Pein - Biblical Foods on 06 Mar, 2012

Hi My name is Leon Pein.
I have a project that is unique: to produce certified Organic, Free Range Kosher meat and poultry in Europe.

Organic food is as natural and healthy as it is possible to eat.

The Kosher method means

1) that great care is taken to minimise suffering of each individual animal in the slaughter process and

2) that careful health-checking of the produce takes place.

The combination of the two means that the animals have lived well, died well and produces food that (our customers say) has a world-beating quality and taste.


In today's parlance, Organic faming is low-carbon, low input, low energy production. Therefore, every time Organic food is produced, there is less global warming (compared with conventional industrial faming).

Organic faming avoids the use of hormones, antibiotics, genetic engineering and virtually every artificial additive.

This is an opportunity to help change the world for the better

The position

I now have a fully organic production chain in place, and 5 stores ready to stock the produce.

Initially, I will be wholesaling raw Organic Kosher meat and poultry to UK stores.

Recent test marketing has been undertaken. Please see and for news coverage. 

The first batch of chickens will be ready on March 6, 2012. 

This is the first time that certified Organic Free Range Kosher meat will be available in Europe.


It is estimated that we will capture 4% of the UK Jewish market, and we have interest from all over Europe.

Also, many Muslims will eat kosher food, in the absence of a halal alternative.

Many non-Jews prefer kosher food, because of its reputation for quality.


Up till now, I have funded the entire project myself, using my limited resources, and need help. At this point, I need to raise funds to pay for :-

1) organic licensing 1500,

2) establishing a limited company 300

3) office equipment 465 and

4) travel and accommodation £220 to Manchester to supervise the first production run = 2485 total.

 Other Ways You Can Help - buy the produce, spread the word - tell all your friends, family and colleagues.
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