Stun Qurbani producers on the Run Following ANSA's Fake Qurbani Alert

Stun Qurbani producers on the Run Following ANSA's Fake Qurbani Alert

By Mohammed Saleem - on 15 Oct, 2012


Stun Qurbani producers on the Run Following ANSA's Fake Qurbani Alert

This is the time of the year when Muslims all over the world are busy in traditional last-minute Eid shopping and preparing to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham – AS).

The celebration starts annually on the 10th of Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, a day after Hajj. The Hajis in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and worldwide Muslims celebrate the festival in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim's (Abraham- peace be upon him) the greatest act of obedience to Allah's (SWT).

One recent survey suggested nine out of every ten UK Muslims adhere to the strict rules on halal eating – that is, they reluctantly opt for the salmon, and not the steak, when eating out.

Nonetheless, even though they represent just 3 per cent of the population, Britain’s two million Muslims tend to eat much more meat, on average, than their non-Muslim counterparts. Reports suggest that British Muslims consume a fifth of all red meat sold in the UK.

Is it any wonder that the UK halal meat market is estimated to be worth £3bn? Or that fast-food chains in the UK such as McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza are working on trials offering halal meat?.

No wonder why the Muslims feel that the authorities have colluded with certifying authorities turned a blind eye on enforcement on the breach of statuary law which defines religious slaughter.

ANSA recent FAKE Qurbani ALERT brought a number of very important issues to the forefront and exposed the Qurbani SCAM;

Through these scams over 80% QURBAN's are produced in the UK every year, Which are creating unnecessary stigma and bias towards the halal industry and creating a divide between communities which has lead to racism and hate from the far right extremists.

ANSA aims to remove confusion amongst communities and to reinstate understanding, harmony and tolerance based on facts and not fiction. The background to the confusion in the Meat Market is as follows;

•Due to the incompetencies of Trading Standards, FSA and public enforcement bodies in the food sector, undesirable ignorance and confusion has been created in the far right extremist groups who have been mislead about over supply of halal in the UK
•As the far right feels cheated so are the Jews and Muslims. As pointed out by the recent FSA figures that 80% meat destined for the halal market is pre-stunned, therefore not considered as religious slaughter and doesn't fulfill the definition of the statuary law. therefore not halal or kosher. The current supply of non-stunned halal is barely meeting the demand of Muslims.

ANSA views are supported by facts and protected under the current legislation;


The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995. PART IV


Additional requirements relating to slaughter by a religious method

21. Schedule 12 shall have effect in relation to the slaughter of any animal by a religious method.

Exemption for slaughter by a religious method

22. Schedule 5 (which relates to the stunning and killing of animals) shall not apply to any animal which is slaughtered in accordance with Schedule 12 (which relates to slaughter by a religious method).

The above regulation provides a clear definition of religious slaughter method for Jews and Muslims.

Food produced by any other method is not deemed as Religious slaughter method (statuary law) therefore it is neither halal or kosher.

No certifying body is above Acts of Parliament. Therefore any Private Limited Company or organisation offering services to the contrary to the Statue must be checked accordingly authorities.

The association of non stun abattoirs are indebted to Media partners for highlighting the Fake Qurbani alert.

as a result ANSA is inundated with good wishes and appreciation from Muslims across EU demanding proper Qurbani.

The awareness has brought flood of complaints from non Muslims owned slaughter houses who have been ill advised by rogue certifying authorities to invested in un popular method of slaughter stun/jhatka which contradicts the Sunnah of our fore father as well as the above statuary legislation governing religious method of slaughter in the UK and may lead to prosecutions .

ANSA has made it abundantly clear to the complainants who were furious and fuming down the dreaded phone.. about why ANSA has now decided to say that only non stun Qurbani are halal conform to the sunnah.

Whilst thanking them for the telephone calls Mohammed Saleem ANSA policy and Communication director stressed "The rules governing Qurbani are codified and defined and are as binding and valued today as ever since time memorial".

"and that Muslim refuse to be told by FBO's who have no respect for the basic requirement which forms core tenant of Islamic faith and have the cheek to tell us what is halal what is not".

And further advised them "if they truly want serve the Muslims community and gain their trust, business, then non stun is the way forward which also fulfills the definition of religious slaughter within the statuary law which may avoid them further embarrassment".

ANSA will continue to advise Muslims consumer to exercise their rights and ask for non stun as proper and true halal and look out eec plant Numbers.

Note For Editor: The following emails of 100% non stun halal producer in the UK


4496 Pak Mecca Meats LTD
2454 Premier Halal Meats Ltd
5516 Simply Halal (Banham) ltd
2430 Yorkshire Halal Meat Suppliers








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