Still looking for an Ahl e Kitaab Slaughterman

Still looking for an Ahl e Kitaab Slaughterman

By London Brothers on 06 Nov, 2012

A serious concern is that, the special exemption we currently have for ‘Stun-Free’ slaughter under British Law is primarily the result of the hard work and persistence in lobbying by the minority Jewish community who appear to be more eager then their Muslim Counterparts in preserving ‘Ahl -e-Kitaab’ slaughter in the case of the Jewish community, referred to Shechita (Jewish method of slaughter).

Shechita like Zabhihah prohibits the use of pre stunning, in fact the Shechita method of slaughter is almost identical to the Zabhihah method, except for the ‘tasmiyah’. The Muslim slaughter man recites Bismillah, Allahu Akhbar at the exact moment of the sacrifice, in comparison, the Jewish ‘Prayer’ is much longer and in most cases, it is recited upon all the animals together in the holding area before slaughter. The Quranic injunction that allows us to eat from the Ahl e Kitaab would in our present times, be more applicable to kosher produce. Most of the slaughter houses in ‘secular’ UK are owned and run by atheists. Your average, Joe Bloggs slaughter man is not Ahl-e-Kitaab and vehemently opposes to be labeled as such. So, those of us that rant on about the permissibility of eating from the slaughter by the Ahl-e-Kitaab need to find us this elusive Ahl-e-Kitaab slaughter man first!!!

In fact, when witnessing and comparing both methods of slaughter, I found that the Jews were much better trained to slaughter then the Muslims and secondly almost all Muslim slaughter houses required the chickens to be shackled upside down in a ‘production line’ slaughtering thousands of birds an hour, whereas the Jewish method was more thorough and compassionate, in that chickens were handled individually and close attention was given to each individual bird as it was slaughtered. In comparison, they only managed to slaughter a couple of hundred birds an hour. Consequently, Kosher is more expensive than Halal or non-Halal.

With the Muslim Slaughter houses, more emphasis is given to quantity, rather than quality, possibly because Muslims, these days don’t mind what ‘junk’ they eat as long as it is cheap and fast.
We occasionally buy Organic Halal chicken from a farm in Oxford at £12.00 each and I tell you what, you can actually taste the difference. These chickens see the light of day, roam on green pastures, are given natural feed and are not pumped up with drugs!
There was a time when Muslims cared about their health, they cared about what they ate, they cared about animals, they cared about the Ummah, they cared about this planet and they cared about Allah Ta’la’s guidance. That was a time when the term ‘SACRIFICE’ was used instead of ‘slaughter’ and we understood what making a sacrifice meant. Do we really think that Allah Ta’la will grant us ‘HIS’ Jannah that easily…without us sacrificing our time, our wealth and ultimately our lives.
Almost all of the scholars of Fiqh, Tafsir and Hadith have confirmed – either implicitly or explicitly – that, the default ruling is that meat and poultry is haram to consume until it is confirmed that the process of Zabihah has met these minimum conditions:-
1. Slaughtered by hand by a Muslim or an ‘Ahl-Kitaab’ (not some atheist Joe Bloggs)
2. The animal is conscious and alive at the time of Zabihah
3. The Tasmiyah is recited at the time of the Zabihah.

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