Many non-Muslims also prefer halal food

Many non-Muslims also prefer halal food

By Cihan - on 16 Sep, 2013

Rising number of non-Muslim people have turned towards halal food over the past years, according to Prof. Dr. Anas Amatayakul, the president of the Islamic Bank of Thailand Advisory Board.

Prof. Amatayakul said “The halal market is quite large. According to the numbers, Muslim as well as non-Muslim people are getting more aware of the importance and usefulness of halal productions.”

Adding that more and more people started to understand the importance and the value of halal food, he said that “no doubt that the halal market is growing.”

With regard to the process of slaughtering animals in Islam, Anas Amatayakul pointed out that the Islamic way which he explains as based on “not to suffer creatures, being kind to them” goes along with the belief and teachings of Buddhist as well as Christian people.

A three-day halal food conference called “Halal World Hapex 2013” took place in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. Anas Amatayakul attended the conference as a speaker and gave a presentation titled “The Future of Halal Food”.


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