Halal Meat In Mecca & Madina

Halal Meat In Mecca & Madina

By Halal Advocates of America on 06 Mar, 2016

A warning to those Intending to perform Umrah or Hajj

Mufti Abdullah Nana, the founding member of the Halal Advocates of America, says:

"I can personally verify that machine slaughtered chicken, meat not slaughtered by a Muslim, & doubtful meat is imported into Saudi Arabia.

The senior body of scholars in Saudi Arabia (the Hay'ah Kibaril Ulama) has formally issued a 50 page fatwa that all imported meat is haram.

It is a major travesty and perhaps a conspiracy that millions of Muslims that visit Makkah/Madinah every year are eating haram/doubtful food”

There are local hand slaughter suppliers, but only a small percentage.

90% of fast food chains (McDondalds, KFC etc) including Al-Baik use imported meat.

For reference, I have translated the detailed fatwa of the Hay'ah Kibaril Ulama (Body of Senior Scholars) as part of the following book:"

Mufti Taqi Uthmanis DBs Research including the above fatwa :

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