First hand account of Slaughthouses in New Zealand

First hand account of Slaughthouses in New Zealand

By Ahmed Ghanem on 26 Mar, 2011

In the Name of Allah, the most compassionate the most merciful.

To all Muslim brothers and sisters.

Salaam alikoom.

I put forward to you some very important questions to think about.

  • Do you know if All mighty Allah accepts your deeds?
  • Are you aware that just because meat has a Halal label on it - it may not actually be Halal?
  • Do you know the consequences of eating haram/unlawful?

Jaber RA stated " Allah's messenger (peace and prayers upon him) said that flesh will not enter paradise which has grown from Haram, and all that flesh which has grown from Haram, the fire (of hell) is worthy of it. (Ahmed, BaihaqI)

S'ad RA relates "Allah's messenger (peace and prayers upon him) said O S'ad purify your food (and as a result) you will become one who's supplications are accepted. I swear by he in who's hands the soul of Muhammad (peace and prayers upon him) lies, verily a servant (of Allah) tosses a Haram morsel in his stomach (due to which) no deed is accepted from him for 40 days (Tabarani).

I have worked in the meat industry in New Zealand as both a Halal slaughterman and a Halal Plant Inspector, and I can confirm that the plants I worked in and inspected do not follow the Islamic method of slaughtering animals.

The plants in New Zealand stun the animals prior to slaying. They believe that this is the most humane way to kill the animals.

But in reality it is not done for animal rights purposes, but in order for the industry to kill more animals quicker so as to increase profits. For example how humane is it to kill 8 sheep per minute?

If you are killing up to 8 sheep a minute how and where is the humanity to the animal, where is the respect to the religion - how can you pray, clean yourself and sharpen your knife 8 times in a minute?

As a slaughterman I witnessed in front of Allah that I have seen many animals come to me along the chain that have died from the stunning before they have reached my knife. Most of the animals smell of burning flesh and wool/hair, and are bleeding from their mouths and noses.

Based on what I discovered whilst working in the meat industry I spoke to the two New Zealand companies who authorise the Halal Certification and have a responsibility to the Muslim communities to provide Halal meat. These Companies are owned by Muslims.

I advised them of what I had discovered and told them that the stunning of animals prior to slaying is Haram/unlawful. I have seen a lot of animals suffering and dying after the stunning, before they are slain by the knife. And then some of the Halal meat is mixed with non Halal meat, processed and packaged and have a Halal sticker put on them.

The two companies both stated they were aware of the method of stunning and were not interested in my findings. They could not see past the greed and money.

Stunning the animal before slaying is not acceptable to Muslims? ( I will be quoting from Dr A Majid Katme - Spokesman on Halal meat and food for the Muslim Council of Britain and for the Islamic Medical Association).

Those who believe that stunning is humane have made the following statement "At present we do not have conclusive proof that stunning is totally comfortable from the animals point of view"

Scientific studies have shown that the method of slaughter (Zabh) instructed by the prophet (peace and prayers upon him) is the most perfect, healthy and humane way of slaughter which causes least pain to the animal and is a means to be protected from many diseases.

Recently a study carried out by Professor Wilhelm Schulze and Dr Hazim at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Hanover University in Germany, where the stunning method was compared to the Islamic Halal slaughter. At the conclusion of the study and experiments the professor states "Islamic slaughtering is the most humane method of slaughter and the stunning method causes severe pain to the animal".

(To view the detailed results of the study see )

Stunning causes "salt and pepper" haemorrhage (where the small blood vessels rupture, and blood leaks into the meat tissue) inside the meat and blood can not be taken out. Also by causing some animals to die when the heart stops, this will cause less bleeding out and more blood inside. It has been proven that the direct method of slaying the animal without stunning causes more bleeding out.

I refer to an article I read on called "Sentenced to Death". Research showed that Tens of millions of animals in the UK are being ineffectively stunned and are regaining consciousness while they bleed - I have also witnessed this here in New Zealand through my work. And in the case of poultry, the birds are dead before they are slain due to heart failure from the stunning.

Therefore my Brothers and Sisters - why eat Halal?

"O mankind, eat what is lawful and good that is on earth; and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Surely he is to you an avowed enemy."(Chapter 2, Verse 168)

"Eat from pure things that we have provided for you" (Chapter 2, Verse 57)

According to the Holy Quran: Chapter 5 verse 3; it is prohibited to eat:

- any dead animal before doing dabh/the cut

- any blood or blood inside the meat

- any dead animal as a result of strangulation (and not dahb)

- any dead animal as a result of a violent blow (and not dabh)

- any meat contaminated and mixed with Halal meat

Blood is harmful to health as it is full of bacteria, infective agents, waste and harmful substances. Chemical changes in the meat . making the meat less healthy and less nutritious.

New scientific medical research done by doctor's, vets, pharmacists, pathologists and members of parliament in Syria have shown that by saying the prayer to an animal who is fully conscious and alive before the cut/dabh, if the animal hears this it gives them peacefulness and takes away any germs and infections to give you pure healthy meat.

Halal meat is healthy meat. All human beings should be able to eat healthy meat, free of bacteria. Therefore the Halal process of slaughter is the most humane to the animal and the most healthy for the human.

In conclusion, the purpose of my article is to enlighten the Muslim world and make you aware that the meat imported from non-Islamic countries, stating their meat is "Halal" may very well actually be "Haram".

By eating "Halal" meat that has been stunned we are disobeying Allah's orders.

So I ask you Brothers and Sisters of Islam to make a stand and stop eating stunned "Halal" meat as it is Haram. Stop importing this meat from these countries until they can prove that the animals are no longer being stunned prior to slaying.

Ahmed Ghanem.

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