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Keep Halal Campaign





Mcdonals Halal?   

Mcdonals have ended their Halal chicken range on their menu. But ask yourself was it Halal. Was it mechanical slaughtered? Was it stunned? Who authorises it as Halal?

Write to mcdonald and ask these simple but serious questions.

Head Office
McDonald's Restaurants Ltd:
11 - 59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

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KFC Update      

The question that is been asked is KFC Halal or Haraam, You decide,

  • Certified by The HFA
  • No ingredient have been checked as KFC refuse to let any one know Colonel's secret recipe.
  • All the chicken have been stunned prior to slaughter
  • All the chicken have been slaughtered by a automatic blade, the machine is slaughtering 12000 chicken per/hr.
  • If this is halal why are KFC afraid to label it correctly , and make a clear statement that the halal chicken is stunned or machine slaughtered
  • KFC have always served stunned chickens and adopt automatic slaughtering, - this is is clearly stated on their website -
  • FACT from any machine manufacturers will tell you that all automatic slaughtering machine that using an automatic blade will cut off at least minimum 1% of their heads, or shoulder and as we all know if you cut off the head while slaughtering that animal/bird is Haraam.
  • Animal welfare organisations are lobbying KFC to adopt Controlled atmosphere killing (Gas Stun) so that the chickens are completely dead prior to slaughter - (Animal welfare recommendations and proposed plan of action for implementation at KFC suppliers)

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