World Halal Day

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World Halal Day

Dear Brothers & Sisters

May Almighty’s peace and blessings be with you always! May this letter finds you with best of your heath and with the greater thoughts!

We would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our company United World Halal Development is an Independent and Global Halal Consultation Body headquartered in Singapore.

With the Almighty’s grace, United World Halal Development is whole heartedly pleased and feeling elated to present this letter as an extended invitation that seeks your valuable support and contribution to “World Halal Day” – A day of Us and for What we do, to unite everyone in a platform to commemorate and to uphold the values, services we offer with responsibility in the name of “Halal” and “Thoyyub”. For Muslims 365 days are Halal , this is the day to demonstrate with Non Muslims and other Faith community.

Kindly send me your supporting letter with your organization letter head , I am working with UN , OIC to approve & recognize Nov 1st would be “World Halal Day” In Shaa Allah.


The commemoration of “World Halal Day” on 1st of Every November from 2014 onwards, is the initiative of United World Halal Development on behalf of all the entities, organizations, forums, enterprises and consumers in common to exhibit the goodness of Halal model and reach out its benefits more to the human race and our eco livings/beings together existing us with. 


The term “Halal” is the word that have had reached everyone’s mind and sounded more and more by all in past 2 decades, especially in the business arena. All the Certifying Bodies, Authorities, Global Forums, Congresses, Consortiums, Scholars and Every Responsible Individuals working in the name of Halal is for a noble cause for the fellow beings. So this World Halal Day is to make every single one’s rights on the Global Stage to carry out the good initiatives together with united synergy and to serve our best. To create “One Human Community” regardless of any diversifications, To unite all the minds and hands against the Hunger, To Preserve the Nature and Environment and to make sure the Healthier & Safer Food for All.


World Halal Day is intends to co-ordinate, unite all the Certifying Bodies, Authorities, Government, Non Profit Organizations, Social Activist, Environmentalist, Global Forums, Congresses, Consortiums, Intellectuals, Scientists, Educationalist, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Sellers, Buyers, Consumers, Scholars, Every Responsible Individuals and YOU !! 

Where & When

World Halal Day is on 1st of Every November from 2014 in Singapore as its debut launch and will be held on its date in a hosting country on the coming years from 2014 onwards. This commemoration will be organized in every country in meanwhile on 1st of every November apart from the Hosting Country.


This day is meant for Halal (Permitted) and Thoyyub (Wholesomeness). This day makes every individual/certifying body/forums/authorities/companies connected to Halal to exhibit their social responsibility to the community/needy/poor in terms of social/monetary values/goodies (their own manufactured products). Involvement of activities to preserve the precious nature, to promote and propagate socially responsible production and consumption. Other related activities.

United World Halal Development takes this opportunity to request your honorary support for this noble initiative and welcomes your involvement & contributions. We request your official acknowledgement/endorsement for this year’s “World Halal Day” on 1st of November 2014 in Singapore. Your involvement and valuable contributions will definitely make this commemoration a greater success and inviting to be a part of World’s first World Halal Day.

"The believing men and the believing women, they are the friends of one another. They command what is right and forbid what is wrong.” (Qur’an 9:71)

Thanking you in Advance and looking forward your greater co operation, support and noble presence on/for our World Halal Day

It’s a day of YOU! A Day for US! A Day for Everyone and Everything! 

With best regards and compliments

Mohamed Jinna A. J. 

Founder Chairman

United world Halal Development

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